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New construction of homes in the LSCA community have put a tremendous amount of pressure recently on the health of our roads.  Large trucks and heavy equipment are responsible for an increased amount of degradation to our aging road system, and MUST be tended to quickly before more serious damage is done.

The LSCA Road Fund had been accumulating for 5 years (since our last big project in 2016), and was used in it's entirety to perform a major face-lift on our roads during 2021. General Pavement Management (GPM) was contracted to grind & patch specific locations in need, use hot-pour crack filler, then apply two thick coats of a surface sealer that should give us about 5 years of longevity on our current roads while we accumulate more money.  The LSCA roads being resurfaced were Lower Lake, Upper Lake, Dirt Road, Hereford, David Lane, Trentham and Thorsby.

The repairs on upper Thorsby represents a major section of work following two construction projects still in progress.

If you have ANY questions, comments or concerns please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact the LSCA Road Maintenance crew.


Here is a list of documents that Lake Sherwood Residents would find interesting and useful...


LSCA Board Meetings


There has been quite a bit of concern and confusion about the proposed water rate increases in our Waterworks District (WWD) 38 in the last couple of months.  Enough people voiced their concern through protest letters to Ventura County officials that prompted a revaluation of their cost modeling methods. The previously scheduled 1.10.2017 public hearing before the Ventura County Board of Supervisors has been rescheduled for 2.7.2017 at 11:30am.


Some useful links:

Ventura County Water & Sanitation Services main page

Ventura County Water Rate Study, WWD 38 (Lake Sherwood) Final Report document dated 11.29.2016

Ventura County WWD 38 (Lake Sherwood) - Bill Calculator
    - In the Customer Class field select "Residential"
     - In the Meter Size field select the value that shows under that field on your bill

VC WWD 38 Report a Concern to voice your opinion/concern.
 For the Concern Type field select "Active Projects"
     - In the Subject field include "Bill Calculator WWD 38"
     - In the Message field include your % dollar increase from your current bill and how you feel about the increase

Use the example below to calculate the changes to your own future bill...