The Lake Sherwood Community Association (LSCA) raises money for two funds, the voluntary General Fund ($50/year) and the mandatory Road Fund ($35 - $400/year depending).  The LSCA is a non-profit organization to represent the common interests of Lake Sherwood residents, and is completely transparent on the collection and spending of the money raised to help our community.  There are approximately 200 households that pay into either the General Fund, the Road Fund or both.  Note that some of the LSCA members are residents in the SVHOA community, but choose to support our efforts as well!


The General Fund (voluntary)

The LSCA General Fund is an annual contribution from each lot owner of $50 to support various community efforts.  Funds are used to help pay for the annual July 4th picnic, printing flyers & mailings, equipment for Movie Nights in the Park, garden supplies for Maid Marian Park, and other general expenses.


The Road Fund (mandatory)

The LSCA Road Fund is accumulated to help pay for a general $5M Resident Road Liability Insurance Policy, once-per-month street sweeping, and of course road maintenance and repairs periodically.  Residents that are outside the gates and live on county maintained roads, live on Stafford, Giles or have empty lots are still asked to support the cause because they have the right to use all LSCA roads including those leading the the Maid Marian Park and Boat Marinas for Lake Use.  These residents pay either $35 or $65 each year depending on their location.

Lot owners that live on Lower Lake, Upper Lake, Dirt Road, Hereford, Thorsby, Trentham, and David Lane are charged $400 each year to support the maintenance efforts.

Be sure to read the article on LSCA Road Maintenance Project 2021 as our last big road project to date.

There has been considerable discussion regarding the "enforcement" methods for the collection of the mandatory Road Fees, which to date has resulted in only a soft billing reminder to those that are remiss in their payments.  We hope to never have to resort to civil action.  Here is some general information on Private Roads within Ventura County

Here is what Ventura County states as to the Responsibility to Maintain Private Roads:

#4  Who is responsible for maintaining the private road serving my property?

Section 845 of the California Civil Code provides in part that the owner of an easement is responsible for maintaining it. If the easement is owned by more than one person, or attached to parcels of land under different ownership, the cost of maintaining it shall be shared in accordance with any agreement between the owners or, if there is no agreement, proportionately to the use made of the easement by each owner. A maintenance obligation may be enforced through civil action.