Membership fees ($50 / property) are billed annually in Q1 of each year.

Road fees charged annually by LSCA are as follows:
  • All private road home owners on south side of lake plus David Lane and Trentham Rd. are charged $400/year.
  • Stafford Road is maintained by the SVHOA, therefore homes in the original sections are charged $65/year.
  • Vacant lots on private roads on south side are charged $65/year
  • All homes and vacant lots on Lake Sherwood Dr. (which is a public maintained road) are charged $30/year.  The reasoning is that those owners have access to the Maid Marian Park and the only boat launching ramp via Lower Lake Road.
  Be sure to read the article on LSCA Road Maintenance Project 2021 as our last big road project to date.

There have been discussions to "enforce" the LSCA Road Fees payment, to be sure all residents pay their fair share for the good of our private community roads.


Here is a link to some info about private roads within Ventura County:


And a specific Section #4 regarding maintenance responsibility...


4.  Who is responsible for maintaining the private road serving my property?

Section 845 of the California Civil Code provides in part that the owner of an easement is responsible for maintaining it. If the easement is owned by more than one person, or attached to parcels of land under different ownership, the cost of maintaining it shall be shared in accordance with any agreement between the owners or, if there is no agreement, proportionately to the use made of the easement by each owner. A maintenance obligation may be enforced through civil action.