In January 2016, 17 members of the LSCA community had liens placed on their properties for non-payment of their Lake Use Fee.  There was enough outrage from residents over the drastic action taken by the SVHOA that a meeting was held to discuss a more "reasonable" behavior for the following year.  That is now!

In mid-December 2016, the SVHOA sent out a bill to LSCA members that participate in Lake Use which was due January 1, 2017.  Payment was considered late if not received within 10 days of the due date.  Of course, a more reasonable action to be taken if a resident does not pay their Lake Use Fee is to revoke their rights to Lake Use;  but this is not how they operate.  Late fee payment will be considered subject to a lien again, so PLEASE make sure you bring your Lake Use Fee account current ASAP.

Below is a notice that was emailed to some residents as a reminder in the SVHOA newsletter:

"ATTENTION LSCA Residents Lake Use Fee Reminder:   Due January 1, 2017

As the Holidays are quickly approaching, the first of the year will be upon us before we know it. January 1st is the due date for all Lake Use Fees. As a reminder, those of you that are obligated to pay the lake use fee due to watercraft usage, community dock/slip rentals, private docks, or supplemental Bruder-related documents, please submit your payment promptly, as delinquent accounts will be turned over to collection with the potential of  a lien being placed on your property. If you are not obligated to pay lake use fees yet intend to use the lake this upcoming year, please be sure to update the HOA office at your earliest convenience to make sure you receive a statement. If your mailing address has changed, please be sure to contact the HOA office via email to ensure prompt receipt of your invoice.   You may make your check payable to Sherwood Valley Homeowners Association P.O. Box 51444, Los Angeles, CA 90051. Please note: If you are an SVHOA homeowner, you do not pay an additional Lake Use Fee. This fee is strictly for non-HOA lots which are part of the Lake Sherwood Community Association (LSCA)."


In December 2016, the following was communicated to the LSCA in an email from SVHOA regarding Lake Use Fee billing:

"Our stepped approach for billing this year (as it has been for the last few years) is to send out an invoice in middle December with the due date of January 1, 2017. Accounts will be marked late after the 15th (of January) with a courtesy late notice from PMP (our Management Company) mailed out on the 16th for all accounts that do not have a payment posted on or before the 15th. Next, the HOA office sends out further courtesy emails/phone calls, time-permitting, to re-iterate payment has not been received. Additionally, we notify this owner of the upcoming Board meeting and that their account is eligible to be turned over to collection. Once the Board meets, it is up to their discretion to turn accounts over to collection."