Ventura County Emergency Contacts  (911)

VC Fire   805.388.4276
VC Sheriff   805.494.8200

VC Disaster (DART)




Sponsored by the LSCA & SVHOA together and organized by Dawn Wood, M.D., the first annual Lake Sherwood Safety Day was held at Maid Marian Park on Saturday April 23rd.  Over 50 residents from the LSCA, SVHOA and the Lake Club attended and learned about evacuation plans for fires, earthquakes and other disasters.  The attendees received evacuation maps as well as contact phone numbers for reporting and obtaining guidance during emergencies.  The County Sheriff’s representatives were delighted to see our community residents learning about emergencies and encouraged people to sign up with as a means for communicating easily with over 100 neighbors.  Lake safety was discussed and requires each boat owner to have life jackets, paddles, an anchor and tow rope on the boat.

With enough people comitted, Certified Emergency Response Training (CERT) will be offered free to residents at a convenient location in Lake Sherwood (e.g., Fire Station 33).  This training is helpful for all emergencies such as learning how to revive a person who has had an injury or heart attack and needs resuscitation to be kept alive.  Twenty-seven residents have already signed-up and there are more openings for this training if you are interested.  Call Dawn Wood at 805.402.7979 to get your name on the list and be notified of the dates of the upcoming training.

Lake Sherwood Emergency Contacts

Fire Station 33   805.371.1111 x33
Stafford Gate   805.373.9084
Trentwood Gate   805.373.6884